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The flagship product is w34z3l's Death Star HUD for Hand 2 Note software. The power of H2N surpassed HM2 and PT4 softwares quite a while back. However, for HM2 and PT4 users there are still fully comprehensive HUD packages available. 

Whichever you choose you can count on full support should you run into any issues with installation etc.


w34z3l's H2N Death Star HUD


Quite probably the most detailed and powerful HUD package on the internet. 

Note that the HUD is especially designed for 6max ring games. 

- More custom definitions than any other HUD
- Full support for player pool analysis
- Full support for leakfinding analysis via popups
- Heat maps and postflop diagrams
- Positional information.
- Specific flop texture analysis.
- Bet sizing info via H2N popups.
- Works fine with pokerstars (although some features disabled when logged in)


Grab your copy of the Death Star HUD here.




For PT4 users there is the Advanced PT4 HUD. Fully configured popups, all of the important stuff, although should be considered a "light" HUD. HUD is provided as is, and no additional upgrades will be rolled out.  Of course, support will still be provided for purchasers.

Get the PT4 HUD here.

w34z3l's PT4 HUD


w34z3l's HM2 Crusher HUD


HM2 HUD comes in a regular advanced version and a Notecaddy version. Notecaddy version has significantly more stats along with heatmaps, badges, postflop diagrams, spark graphs and scatter graphs, but naturally requires Notecaddy. Notecaddy is a separate purchase and is not included with HM2.


If you have not already purchased Notecaddy it might be a good idea to look into the Hand 2 Note tracking software before making the decision to purchase.


If you have HM2 and are not interested in acquiring Notecaddy, the regular advanced HM2 HUD makes use of default HM2 features to create a HUD package without the need for Notecaddy.

Find the HM2 HUD here.

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Check out the official Death star page at www.pokerdeathstar.xyz