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 Core Maths Series


The Core Maths series covers all of the important basic mathematical concepts that a poker player needs before they hit the tables. 


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 **New** Expert Exploits


Expert Exploits is an ultra-modern take on the fundamentals of exploitative play. Improving your exploitative play is the number one way of boosting your win rate in today's games.

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Preflop Perfection



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Fundamental Theorems of Poker


​An in-depth look at the fundamental theorems of poker. CREV is used throughout to demonstrate concepts. Fresh and advanced concepts not covered elsewhere.


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6plus Hold'em Starter Pack



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6Plus Hold'em Video Series

**New** Season of Storms


In the Season of Storms series, coach w34z3l uses the “storm” HH review format to help his students identify tactical errors in their play.


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Crushing Flopomania



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